Universal remote monitoring systems

INTA in a cooperation with the company Aquila/Yamasato offers Universal remote monitoring system (hereinafter – URMS), which purposes are:

Provide timely and specific environmental parameters or incident alerts of the control area;
Provide data in real time;
Increase rendering efficiency and effectiveness;
Expand the local and regional capabilities to anticipate and protect against the environmental anomalies.

URMS includes the control of possible atmosphere, water resources, water supply systems, soil contamination by chemical, petroleum, radioactive or other materials.

URMS consists of:
Remote monitoring station: 4 video cameras and up to 250 sensors;
Video cameras;
Different types of sensors;
Control Center.

In case any environmental parameter exceeds the stint (eg, chlorine, water supply system or a carbon dioxide content of the air), the alarm together with the video signal is sent to the control center in real time.

For more information, please contact:

Donatas Limantas – donatas.limantas@inta.lt; +370 5 212 2080