Closed Joint Stock company “INTA” was found on 16th of March, 1990 – the 5th day of re-establishment of Lithuanian independence. INTA is one of the first, who started to provide copiers, telecommunication equipment and support services for Lithuanian market.

INTA’s main business direction is implementation and maintenance of ICT and high tech projects in the fields of radiation safety, X-ray inspection, cargo tracking, safety and control etc. Company also provides cargo scanners images analysis and threat objects recognition training services.

INTA was officially recognized as compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 International Management Quality Standards. Company was certified by the Bureu Veritas Quality International.

Our major customers are Lithuanian private and governmental enterprises.


Company started its’ activities from sales and support services for computers and computer networks’ solutions in 1990. At the end of 1992, INTA initiated negotiations with MOTOROLA (USA) for authorized distributor status for Paging and Land mobile Products Sectors (LMPS). After LMPS splitting in two divisions – Radio Products group (RPG) and Radio network solutions Group (RNSG) in 1994, INTA had already signed distribution contracts with both of these groups.

In 1995 two competing GSM operators – Omnitel and Bite started their activities in GSM market. INTA was an official Omnitel distributor for GSM subscriber equipment and had about 60 distribution points through out Lithuania till 2004.

Closed Joint Stock company INTA has been involved into Nuclear Non – Proliferation and safeguards work in Lithuania since 1996. At that time, under the contract with Sandia National Laboratories, INTA supplied communication system as well as performed other nuclear material protection, control and accounting functions to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. Inta was also a member of many international projects, among them Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant modernization project in 1996-1997, which was initiated by Sandia National Laboratories and funded by Swedish Government. INTA has signed major contracts with US companies, such as MELE Associates and Canberra Aquila, Inc. Additionally, INTA has been performing radiological waste detection and clean-up work in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia financed by USA Energy Department.

From its foundation until 2008, INTA has provided office copier sales and maintenance services. INTA was Triumph – Adler authorized representative in Lithuania. INTA’s specialists maintained not only Triumph-Adler manufacturer’s software, but Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, UTAX and Kyocera, Minolta copiers, printers and facsimile machines.

Starting from 2006, INTA represents NUCTECH, which is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of ionizing radiation equipment.

In September 2006, INTA became a representative of the Hi-G-Tek company for complete surveillance/monitoring solution, which includes unique electronic seals, identification tags, locks, data scanners, sensors, control software and data gathering components.

In cooperation with Landauer, Inta established the first individual dosimetry laboratory in Baltics, which uses OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) technology, in 2010.