X-Ray inspection systems

INTA, representing Nuctech Company Limited (hereinafter – Nuctech), offers its customers vehicle/container inspection systems, post inspection systems, radiation gates, X-ray inspection systems for minor shipments and passenger baggage, as well as fluid inspection systems. These systems have many possible applications. They can be used in customs, railways (vehicle inspection), aviation, industry, ports, etc. Nuctech company’s mission – to ensure the welfare and security of people, to prevent contraband and other illegal goods entering into the domestic market.

Nuctech systems are installed in more than 100 countries around the world, covering five continents. Currently the world’s largest market share of high-energy X-ray inspection systems belongs to Nuctech. Nuctech has one of the world’s largest production facilities for the production of components for inspection systems.

INTA not only provides Nuctech systems installation service, but is also certified to perform trainings for system operators and provide technical assistance.

For more information, please contact:
Kristina Ostrauskaite – kristina@inta.lt; +370 5 216 7211
Donatas Limantas – donatas.limantas@inta.lt; +370 5 212 2080