Cargo scanners images analysis and threat objects recognition training

Nowadays Customs agencies are looking for the ways to meet their objectives by using technical scanning equipment to increase the efficiency of examinations, but the equipment by itself is not enough to gain substantial results because the core activity in scanner project is x-ray image analysis. “The most sophisticated machines become worthless if the people who operate them and visually inspect the X-ray images are not qualified to do so (International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 2014.).”

In order to increase efficiency without sacrificing security we’ve created Cargo scanners images analysis and threat objects recognition training.

All the tests and exercises are based on a 40 feet tall Standard test container (in short – STC). STC incorporate more than 150 different realistic smuggling situations.

The STC is divided in to four different sections: cargos and threat targets, passenger car and threat targets, individual objects and threat targets, along with a scanner performance test section.

After making over one hundred STC scans, we present different methodologies to interpret x-ray images and demonstrate how to recognize smuggled threats: tobacco, explosives, firearms, drugs, illegal immigrants, etc.

After the training, the customs personnel are ready to conduct image analysis effectively and precisely, detect threats and perform screenings more efficiently.

Training course brochure