Personal dosimetry laboratory

In a cooperation with the company Landauer, Inta established Individual dosimetry laboratory, which uses OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) technology. INTA Individual Dosimetry Laboratory is accredited to measure accumulative doses in the individual dosimetres (personal dose equivalent Hp (10) and Hp (0.07)) using optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry method by National Accreditation Bureau in 2011 (Accreditation certificate No. LA.01.112). Laboratory uses “Landauer” InLight (USA) dosimetry system. Laboratory is equipped with one mobile and one automatic readers. OSL dosimeters are sensitive to gamma and X-ray radiation as well as beta particles. Laboratory can measure accumulative doses from 0.05 mSv to 10 Sv.

Using advanced OSL technology, laboratory can offer its clients both higher quality and lower cost service. Employees of medical institutions, stomatology surgeries, laboratories, and other industries are kindly invited to contact INTA Individual dosimetry laboratory to measure personal exposure.

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