Shortly about the company. History

Closed Joint Stock company “INTA” was found on 16th of March, 1990 – the 5th day of re-establishment of Lithuanian independence. INTA is one of the first, who started to provide copiers, telecommunication equipment and support services for Lithuanian market.



Word of the General Director

From the very beginning of company’s establishment we are seeking to be innovative and professional in the sphere of information technology. Our activity is leaned on the fundamental scientific knowledges, as well as the provision - "Think Different".



Team and positions

INTA team is the main factor of the company success. We are glad that the majority of the team members are graduates of exact sciences, which are necessary for business activities. The company encourages employees to seek knowledge, skills and innovation.


Quality and certification

INTA provides qualified, accredited and certified installation, selling, maintenance services of X-ray inspection systems as well as performs measurements of accumulative doses in individual dosimeters.