• Digital mobile radio system implementation in territory of the Republic of Lithuania

    • In 2007 INTA, in cooperation with Motorola GmbH started carrying out the project on implementation of a digital mobile radio communications system (TETRA standard) for the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, which is aimed at development of a new radio communications system, connecting all the emergency services of Lithuania. This is the largest investment project within the scope of implementation of the Schengen measure programme in Lithuania. The announced tender for procurement through the open procedure was awarded to JSC INTA and Motorola GmbH. Almost LTL 94.5 million has been allocated for implementation of the project – the Schengen measure programme.
      The new system gives officers the possibility to communicate in a secure and flexible way, independently of their location on the territory of Lithuania, which greatly contributes to improvement of security of the state border, fighting against smuggling and illegal migration. There is the possibility to transmit data (photographs, fingerprints, etc.) in a secure way, present inquiries to the databases of missing and wanted persons and vehicles and communicate with the state border guard helicopters. The new system ensures the possibility to locate emergency service vehicles, therefore there are more possibilities to manage the forces in an efficient way.

  • Radio communication terminals supply

    • Information Technology and Communications Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania signed contracts for Sepura radio terminals acquisition (about 2500.) in 2010. the terminals help the Lithuanian special services not only to protect the borders of the EU, but also to ensure public order and security within the country. Radio terminal acquisition project is funded by European Union’s External Borders Fund for the part of “Special Transit Scheme 2007 program.
      The announced public tenders were won by a consortium (JSC INTA and JSC Dekbera). More than 8 million LTL were allocated for this project.

  • Implementation of the base terrestrial radio system

    • In 2010 INTA has entered into an agreement with the Lithuanian Army Base for the implementation of terrestrial radio system. The system is installed in Siauliai airport. Value ~ 0.5 million LTL.

  • Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP)

    • A new telecommunication system (worth almost 4 million litas) was tested on the 5th of June, 1997 in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. Joint tock company INTA was responsible for assembling of it as it won the tender, announced by the Swedish Government. Lithuanian company had received the best evaluations and recommendations from the Swedish experts after the project had been realized.