Cargo monitoring, safety and control

INTA offers technology and solution for cargo monitoring in real time.

The purposes of cargo monitoring system

Cargo monitoring system (CMS) is a set of hardware and software that allows to control/monitor containers from the point of departure to final destination. The main objectives of such system:

Goods safety;
Illegal and smuggled goods control;
Information about cargo traffic and standing;
Real – time monitoring of hazardous and high value goods.

Sometimes occur such situations when the containers are loaded with the illegal goods or unloaded without the owner’s acceptance. In order to avoid such situations, it is proposed to monitor cargo transit via GPS tracking system. To ensure proper and timely response to the intrusive cargo openings, containers are equiped with the mobile GPS device and GSM modem. Additionally door opening sensor is mounted inside the container.

GPS device fixates the coordinates of container and transfers information to the main server via GSM network at fixed intervals.The user can connect to the graphic user interface and monitor container traffic as well as door status (was opened or not) with any computer, connected to the Internet. In case when the door is opened, the alert, composed of exact time, coordinates and cargo number, is sent to the user’s mobile telephone or email.

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